Ahmad Shtayyat, 29 Irbid

‘Accept Me As I Am’

Ahmad founded the ‘Accept Me As I Am’ initiative with the aim of providing physical, occupational and speech therapy to underprivileged children as a form of early intervention for those suffering from an array of physical, mental and linguistic disabilities. The initiative seeks to spread awareness among mothers regarding these disabilities and provide rehabilitation programs for their children. With over 20 workshops held within the local community and surrounding areas thus far, the initiative is focused on social integration and motivating children experiencing disabilities to be active members of their community, as well as performing regular follow-ups and progress monitoring on individual cases. To date, the project has trained seven people in how to handle those with special needs, in addition to having treated a total of 11 children, free-of-charge, over the course of a year. The initiative hopes to grow to help a larger number of children reach their full potential in the years to come.