Laith Abu-Taleb, 23 Amman


Inspired by the paper-centric arts of origami and quilling, Laith launched WARAGAMI, a play on the words for paper, warag and kami, in Arabic and Japanese respectively.  With the aim of developing active, creative minds and fine motor skills, WARAGAMI offers a collection of themed kits for paper-folding and quilling, with all the necessary tools, materials and bilingual guidebooks, catered to different ages and skill levels. Inclusion is of the utmost importance to Laith, an ideal which drove him to provide the guidebook in Braille for the visually impaired, in addition to developing tools to accommodate those with physical disabilities. The next step for WARAGAMI is their Support Refugees campaign, through which they hope to make kits available to refugees so that they may create sellable paper art.