Qusai Abu Shnab, 20 Amman

Sdeq Co.

Qusai is passionate about creating quality opportunities for children to learn using the latest technology, while making the time parents spend with their children productive  and entertaining at the same time. Driven by that passion, Qusai, with three other team members, founded Sdeq Co., an emerging Jordanian company, determined to create and nurture lifelong learners by helping parents and educators alike participate in enrichment activities through their mobile application, developed by a team of specialists, to enhance the child learning experience, suited for different setups and times of the day.  The application is currently under-development, but a range of advisory services and training programs are already being provided. With 200 children having benefited so far, Sdeq Co. hopes to continue growing to further its research and development process, train volunteers and reach as many youngsters as possible.