Tasneem Ali, 25 Zarqa

Behemetnta Hanzyenha

‘Behemetnta Hanzyenha’ translates to ‘with our resolve, we can make it beautiful,' and with these two short, succinct words Tasneem’s creative initiative was born. Built from the ground up as a result of her tireless dedication, Behemetnta Hanzyenha is a social, youth-led initiative supported by a network of 70 active young volunteers at the ActionAid community center in Zarqa, tasked with beautifying their hometown and spreading a sense of community and volunteerism. The volunteers have already beautified and decorated the center and have started expanding their efforts into the surrounding neighborhood. Having already secured a sponsorship from National Paints, Tasneem’s dream is to make her whole city beautiful, starting with underprivileged neighborhoods and refugee camps and eventually reaching out to encompass public spaces, thus instilling pride in the city’s residents.